Production automation with 30day return on invest

Our modular robot kit offers a cost-efficient automation solution for the manufacturing sector.

Simple and cost-effective automation of
many production steps

Robotics-Solutions as a Service

Made in Germany


Our Plug&Play robot modules are quick and easy to assemble and can be configured for different use cases flexibly, even by unspecialized staff.


With our modular approach, our solutions can be customized to fit even the smallest spaces and assist in a variety of work processes.


You receive the entire automation solution from a single source – without additional costs.

Three simple steps towards more automation in your production

Simply determine automation potential by uploading pictures and data of your production, integrate robots into existing workflows and use them as required with great flexibility.

  1. Simple data upload

    Our proprietary software uses images, videos and scans to identify which robotics solution can be cost-effectively deployed in your production to prevent labor shortages and meet increasing scaling requirements. Simply upload your data and receive a proposal for your specific automation needs:

  2. Fast integration

    The robot modules can be easily and quickly assembled and controlled by your staff with the intuitive software. The modular approach allows cost-efficient and space-saving use even in smaller workspaces, as you determine the number of axes required individually.

  3. Flexible adjustment

    Different requirements due to changing customer orders can be easily addressed by simply configuring your modular robot for use at another location. RobCo can be used on a wide variety of machines.

Technical Specifications

Combine up to 8 modules

Payload up to 20kg

max. Velocity 2m/s

Customizable range up to 2m

Repeatability 0,1mm

IP54 Protection Class

A wide variety of Applications

Robotics Solution as a Service

  • Machine tending

  • Assembly

  • Material Handling

  • Pick & Place

  • Welding

  • Finishing

  • Palletizing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Dispensing

  • Laboratory Analysis

  • Assembly

Machine loading

  • Load capacities from a few grams to several kilograms
  • Modular modification depending on the application
  • One robot for several tasks


  • Adaptation of the reach to conditions on site
  • Fast cycle times thanks to powerful motors
  • Suitable robot for limited space
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