Technical Specifications

Robot Konfigurations

Degrees of Freedom 1 to 12
Payload 1 to 15kg
Range 200 – 2300mm
Repeatability ± 0,1mm
Max. Velocity 180°/s or 2m/s; depending on modules
Working Area ± 270°
Base Area 191mm x 175mm; mountable horizontal, vertical or overhead
Power Consumption ca. 250W nominally; depending on modules
Noise Level comparitively silent
Material Aluminium, Polypropylene
Ambient Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Compliance EN ISO 10218-1; EN ISO 13849-1, PL d, Cat. 3

Control Unit

Mounting 19″-Rack-Insert (2HE)
Control Cabinet Size 355 x 483 x 89mm
Operating Voltage 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz; alternatively 48V DC
Interfaces 8x Digital I/O, IO-Link, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus TCP
Communication EtherCAT, RJ45-Socket
Programming Intuitive graphical user interface in web browser or on 12″ control panel with mounting device, REST API with Python SDK or Kea-ROS

Driver Modules

M (D86) L (D116) XL (D148)
Diameter 86 mm 116 mm 148 mm
Nominal Torque 29,7 Nm 55 Nm 120 Nm
Max. Torque 70 Nm 178 Nm 374 Nm
Nominal Power 131 W 141 W 165 W
Max. Velocity 230°/s 180°/s 180°/s

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